New craftable using the Preservation- Canning Station
Individual Jars are also available via Custom Snack menu -----> Requires Custom Food Interaction Latest version ( Updated on 13.02.2022)

10 different Dessert jars added - 

1. Black Forest mousse
2. Blueberry Cheesecake
3. Caramel Apple Crumble
4. Carrot cake
5. Chocolate Pudding
6. Grasshopper Pie
7. Keylime Cheesecake
8. Oreo Trifle
9. Rspberry Cheesecake
10. Watermelon Cake

Features - 

1. Craft a pack of 6 Jars - opened to give 6 individual Jars in the inventory
2. Each Individual Jar can be eaten
3. Plopsy enabled
4. Does not spoil
5. Jars are also available via the Custom Snack Menu ---> Requires Custom Food Interaction Latest version ( Updated on 13.02.2022)
6. Singles Jars are also buyable from Love Day Hamper and Love Day Display

Ingredients and Skill


1. Made Dessert - From Crafting a pack of dessert jar using preservation - canning Station
2. Yum...Something Sweet - From eating individual dessert jar
Polycount - Box of Jars - 1407v/2206p ; Individual Jar - 325v/482p
DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible
Made with Game Version :  PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
OPTIONAL Files Required ( if you want to craft Dessert Jars using Preservation Canning Station ) :
Blueberry (Cottage/Custom)
Raspberry (Cottage/Custom)
Cocoa (Cottage/Custom)
Caramel Sauce ( canning station)

Public Release Available on 2.03.22


  1. no se porque no me funciona la estacion de enlatado despues de actualizar con los enlatados de postres

    1. You need to redownload ALL the canning files again. Everything has been updated and they wont work unless you have all the new files


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