14.01.22 -

  • Added new resources to the Herb Seed packet and Milled Product Ingredient Box

13.09.21 -

  • Added new resources to the Veggie Seed packet and Milled Product Ingredient Box

8.08.2021 -

  • Added Fenugreek, Red Chili, Turmeric and Cashew Plant

1.06.2021 -
  • Added Milled Product Ingredient Box ( For Milled Products)
  • Added Watermelon to the fruit seed packet
  • Added New Interaction - Purchase Ingredients from Fridge ( Requires custom food Interaction - yet to be updated) <--- Interaction not active yet

9.05.2021 - 

- Added Glutinous Rice, Burdock Root, Sakura Tree, matcha Tea Leaves, Sencha Tea Leaves, Gyokuro tea Leaves, Longjing TeaLeaves to the seed packets.

Added a Separate Tea Ingredient Box ( opens to give Tea Leaves and milled tea bags)

- Added the Ingredient Boxes ( Tea, Mochi, Veggie Soup) to the Order custom seed interaction on PC ( requires the custom food interaction script).

14.04.2021 - Added Green Apple to the Fruit Seeds packet

11.03.2021 - Added Sugarcane to the Fruit Seeds packet

7.01.2021 - Added Spanish translations by Geosims and French translations by Candyman

6.01.2021 - Added Bayleaf to herbs packet and Almond to Nuts packet

Update - 5.12.2020

- Added December harvestables to Seed packet -> Pine Cone, Pine Nuts, Candy Cane, Ornaments, Sugar Star
- Added new Seed packet - Seasonal Holiday Seed Packet
- Added 5 custom roses tothe Flower packet, pine nut to the nut packet and Pine Cone, Candy cane and Sugar star to the Seasonal Holiday Seed packet

Update - 4.11.2020 
- Added November harvestables to seed packet -> Marshmallow,Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Nutmeg

Following Seed packets are available - 

1. Veggies

2. Fruits

3. Herbs

4. Flowers

5. Grapes

6. Nuts

7. Magical Elements

Seed Packets are buyable from the catalogue - (Search by 'seed')

- Activity > Outdoor Activity

 - Misc Appliances

When opened the seed packets will give a varying number of harvestables for planting. It will not give all the harvestables. To select specific harvestable to buy, use the computer interaction.

Interaction on computer - Buy custom Harvestables - Oject picker menu showing all the custom harvestables.( Requires Custom Food Interaction Script)

To Do - Add interaction on Planters, Add seed packet for vertical planter compatible custom harvestables

I will keep on updating them with new harvestables as I make and upload them!