7.01.2021 - Added Spanish translations by Geosims 

6.01.2021 - Added Butternut Kombucha, Bay leaf Kombucha, Almond Fizzy, marshmallow Fizzy, Pine Nut Fizzy and Sweet Potato Fizzy

Adds custom Fizzy recipes for all my Harvestables (Requires the latest updates)

All In One Harvestable Folder for Patrons

Adds 5 new Fizzy juice Bottles and Cartons. Custom Kombuchas uses the EA kombucha bottles

Note - Let me know If I have missed any harvestable

List of Harvestables and corresponding Fizzy drink

Adds five new Buffs associated with he new fizzy bottles


Drinking Brown Fizzy Juice will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Happy
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  'Bodacious Brown'
Drinking Orange Fizzy Juice will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Energized
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  'Optimal Orange'

Drinking Purple Fizzy Juice will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Focused
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  'Passionate Purple'

Drinking Red Fizzy Juice will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Playful
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  'Robust Red'

Drinking Yellow Fizzy Juice will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Inspired
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  'Youthful Yellow'


1.Sometimes the fizzy juice can be collected even when the fizzing station tooltip shows 'Not Ready'
2. If two Options appear for 'Start Fizzing Custom' Choose the second option.

DLC Requirement :  Eco Lifestyle EP
Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :

Custom Drink Interactions_Latestversion

OPTIONAL Files Required :

PolyCount : Single Fizzy Juice Bottle -308v/318p(high),256v/174 (med) ; Multi Pack of Fizzy Juice- 1134v/830p (high),734v/419p (med)

Public Release Available on 2.10.2020


  1. Suuuuper <3 a pity we can't serve em like other drinks on a tray. but anyway its awesome! Thank you!

  2. these look amazing! i can't wait to try all of these out! i can't imagine how much work it must've taken to make all your harvestables compatible, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was worthwhile! tysm!

  3. Hi there! I absolutely love your mods and custom foods and drinks! I'm having an issue with being able to make any custom juice fizzes. I have updated all of the harvestables and updated any of your mods that I use. I have never had the "start juice fizzing custom" option. If I put in any custom harvestables from your mods, it'll only say "retrieve ingredients". Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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