1. Buy the Yarn Basket ( BuildBuy> Activities> Hobbies and Skills) - Beginner’s Yarn Basket and Super Stash Yarn Basket
2. Put the yarn basket in the sim inventory
3. Click on the yarn basket or any seating surface to start knitting

Options for Crafting at level 10 skill

1. Clothing - Beanies, Socks, Sweaters, onsies  (baby and toddler), Sweater with scarves

2. Objects - Hanging plant holders, mailbox cozies, rugs, pouf, decorations, child toy


10 level skill
Each level Unlocks a particular knittable 


  • Objects > Hanging Plant Holders ( 54) divided into 9 different variants ------ Skill 3.  Price 20 Simoleon
  • Objects > Mailbox Cozies (6) ---- Skill Level 3.  Price 20 Simoleon
  • Objects > Rugs (6) ---- Skill 4. Price 60 Simoleon
  • Objects > Pouf (6) ---- Skill Level 6. Price 50 simoleons
  • Objects > Decorations - Octopus (6), Turtle (6), Penguin (6), Cactus (6), Llama (6) ---- Skill Level 7. Price 30 Simoleon
  • Objects > Child Toys > Bear (7), Grim (6) ------ Skill Level 10. Price 30 Simoleon

Check out the Pictures of Knittable Objects


  • Clothes > Beanies (8) ----Skill Level 1.  Price 20 Simoleon
  • Clothes > Socks (32) in 3 lengths ---- Skill Level 2.  Price 20 Simoleon
  • Clothes > Sweaters - Female (9), Male (9), Children (8) ----Skill Level 5. Price 50 Simoleon
  • Clothes > Baby Onsies (17) ---- Skill Level 8. Price 40 Simoleon
  • Clothes > Toddler Onsies (8) ---- Skill Level 8. Price 40 Simoleon
  • Clothes > Sweaters with Scarves - Female (8), Male (8) ----- Skill Level - 9 . Price 70 Simoleon

Check out the Pictures of Knittable Clothes

My sims had quite a bit of fun knitting away !

Knit at home

Convince your spouse to try knitting

Spend your days knitting away 

Knit by the poolside 

Knit in the ruins

Knit in the quarry

Knit even when you are struck by lightning

Knit at the city park

Knit on vacation

Return home for some peaceful knitting


Sims can teach Knitting to other sims from level 8 of knitting skill

Options available on the Knitted Objects - 

1. Frog - unravels the knitted object and gives back a few simoleons
2. Donate to Charity
3. Add to wadrobe ( For clothes)
4. Gift
5. List on Plopsy

  • Once the kinttables are listed on plopsy ( true for all plopsy compatible crafts), you can view them in the inventory by applying the Plopsy>Listed Filtered tag. ( Background of pink)

  • After a while ( 1-2 days), the sims will get a message from a random user naming a price for the listed object. 

  • Objects which have received offers can be seen by filtering inventory by plopsy>sold ( background of blue)

If you decide to accept the bid, your sim can then ship the object and receive the simoleons

Browse plopsy from your phone to view the listed objects by random users.The user names are really funny!

New Stereo channel - Metal 
I love that there are seperate text flavours for the Metal channel


4 level aspiration

Level 1 - Humble Knitter

Level 2 - Thread Setter

Level 3 - Dream Weaver

Level 4 - Lord/Lady of the Knits

Reward Trait - Sacred knitting Knowledge
Gives sims the ability to knit Yarny and The forbidden sweater

Yarny is a playable toy and can randomly teleport

Forbidden sweater gives a few moodlets and also gives rise to the seater curse moodlet ( I am yet to play this out)

Overall I really loved this pack because I love crafting in game and it did give me a few hours of enjoyment. This pack totally fits my playstyle but may not be up everyone's alley. The visual of a sim rocking gently on a rocking chair and quietly knitting away gave me a very relaxing vibe!


  1. This was a really good read. Thanks for writing. <3

  2. Hi :). I don't know how to contact you otherwise so I'll write here and hope you'll see this. If you're interested in me translating your Chicken and Nectar Making mods into polish language for free let me know :). I don't know a lot about mods but I can give you already translated descriptions and names so you can somehow input them or I could do it myself if there's some kind of tutorial. If there's already translated version you can let me know given that you have the time to do so. I hope you'll se this. xx

  3. I got the sweater knit curse by gifting a sweater to my sim's partner. It tells you not to try anything romantic and lasts for 7 days!

    1. Thank you! I will try that out..I want to see the curse haha

  4. Bonjour Icemunmun ! Tout d'abord j'adore tes créations!! J'ai lu cet article sur Tricot de pro et j'ai acheté le jeu, c'est vrai que c'est un jeu tres relaxant et plutot sympa dans l'ensemble mais il manque un petit quelque chose.. J'ai le souvenir d'une machine a coudre dans les sims 2 et on pouvait créer des vetements, accessoires, tout ce qu'on voulait et même vendre dans un commerce. J'avais fais une super boutique. C'est ce qui manque je trouve. J'aurai aimé retrouvé cet aspect là dans Tricot de Pro. Mais peut etre y a t-il un mod pour ça ? Si tu peux me répondre j'aimerais beaucoup.
    PS: Je suis nulle en Anglais donc désolé j'ai écris en Français, merci a toi de m'avoir lu!


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