An alcoholic Punch which is perfect for Spooky Day celebrations

⇨Requires Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion

(If you want the drink to appear in the Pro bar Menu)


  • Serving : Party Serving Option 
  • Ingredient Required : 1 Fruit (ANY)
  • Cooking skill (Gourmet) needed - Level 1
  • Menu : 
  1. Available from Custom Food and Custom Gourmet menu (from Custom Food Interactions)
  2. Available from Make Custom Cocktail menu on Pro Bars (From Custom drink Interactions )
  • Restaurant : Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu Alcoholic Beverage (Fruit Based).
  • Custom Empty Punch Bowl and Glass
  • Cools down sim if overheated


Drinking the Dracula Blood punch will give a moodlet/buff

  • +1 Energized
  • 180 sim minutes
  • 'Bloody Punch'

Requirement : 

Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion

Custom Drink Interactions_Latestversion

(If you want the drink to appear in the Pro bar Menu)

Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : 3/10/2019 –PC  / Mac

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

PolyCountSingle - 288v/414p(high), 215v/277p (med), 100v/120p (Empty Glass) ; Multi - 721v/1086p (high), 527v/721p (med), 138v/186p (Empty Bowl)

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  1. we must do it in cistom food and in custom drink too?

    1. Custom Food interaction is required to make the punch. If you want the drink available from the professional bar, you need Custom drink Interaction, otherwise not!

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