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  • Adds new menus to the fridge and stove
  • New menus added are - Make Custom Food, Make Custom Gourmet Food, Make Custom Vampire Food, Make Custom Toddler Food, Grab Custom Snack
  • Enables new custom recipes to appear in the fridge and stove recipe picker
  • Requires frequent updates for patch as well as for addition of new food resources
  • Requires both the .package and .ts4script files
  • This mod only adds the menus. for the actual recipes, you need to download the individual recipes

List of Compatible Food

17. Paratha - Custom Indian food
18. Custom toddler Snacks - 4
19. Spooky Cookies
20. Biriyani
21. Stuffed Pepper
22. Christmas Cookies 1
23. Christmas Cookies 2
24. Christmas Cookie 3
25. Chello Kebab
26. Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Roll
27. Louisiana Style Recipes - Beignets and Shrimp Grits
28. Louisiana Style Recipes - Cornbread, Crabcake, Jambalaya
29. Broccoli Recipes - Broccoli Mashed Potato, Broccoli Chicken and Broccoli Cheddar Soup
30. Space Themed Food - Space Monster Cake, Alien Cupcake, Earth Cookies, Andromeda Cake, Nebula Donut
31. Orange Chicken and Orange Choco mousse
32. Spooky Day Treats
33. Orange Cupcake and Orange Plum Cake
34. Strawberry Panna Cotta
35. Idli - South Indian food
36. Rice Pudding
37. Crab Legs
38. Candied Yam
39. Red Velvet Lava Cake
40. Stuffed Artichoke
41. Cheese Pear Tartlet
42. Shrimp Scampi with Linguine
43. Choco Lava Cake
44. Moussaka
45. Deviled Eggs
46. Jerk Chicken
47. Mango Mousse


  1. Wow! It's a long list! A lot of work, thank you!
    Is it possible to get all in one package ?

    1. I do not put them in one version because of the different requirements. But I will link definitely make a folder with all the recipes and link it here.

  2. Can you please make more Indian foods? :) Hope you'll agree. Thanks.

  3. can you do more soul food please

    1. Can you give me some names and details ?

    2. @MunMun I'm not this original person, but I would imagine they mean: fried chicken, collard greens, chicken and waffles, ribs, hamhocks with peas and rice (separate from a grand meal; peas = black eyed peas, cowpeas, or pigeon peas, biscuits and gravy, chitlings (even though I personally loathe them), and, my personal favorite, oxtail (although I like them more as a Jamaican dish). Speaking of which, will Caribbean dishes be a think? I'd love to see jerk meats and coconut meats!! Also, is a custom buff when eating soups a possibility? (Ideally, I'm thinking the dazed food buff with the headline as "Warm Soup Belly.") // @Anonymous I didn't include mac and cheese (in game), sweet potato pie (in game and via Leniad), yams (via MunMun), cornbread (via MunMun), banana pudding (via Leniad)

    3. Ah thank you for the list! I am definitely interested in making some of those!

  4. Eu adoro seus mods de comida tenho praticamente todos e espero ansiosa por mais receitas magnificas

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  6. I love your work, thank you! I'd love to see a few more Middle Eastern foods, especially Koshary (Egyptian) and Knafeh. :) Also, maybe some more seafood, like oysters, or mussels and frites, mussels in pasta, etc. Thanks again! :)

    1. I love Middle eastern Food and do have plans to make some in the future! Thank you!

  7. I saw on your tumblr page a recipes for Caribbean food is it downloadable?
    and also i love all your work as a foodie you've added so much depth to my game i can't even tell you; i wanted to say thank you :)

    1. All the Caribbean food is not ready! I need to remake some parts. Will upload them as I am done!

  8. can you make chicken wings :o or like bbq ribs

  9. Hey! I love all of these so much, but do you have a tag for the Vampire friendly foods? I can't seem to find any
    Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing this with all of us

  10. Could you make some of your foods available from off the grid? Ones that only require gas cooking maybe? I love your food! And I am trying off the grid but I'm not able to cook your food :(

  11. Can you please update your recipes because I just install the and i only see one of the which is the eggs and the sims update to 152. Something thank you so much because i love your mods

  12. Hi. I always like your food and harvestable plants. thank you for all. i love to play bakery store and maybe you can make more bakery goods? More cupcakes and muffins, tarts and eclairs,also macaroon

    1. where you made food and harvestable plants. what is the programm?

  13. Hi, I am curious to know when you may publish new recipes? I love your content and would love to add more delicious recipes for my sims to enjoy.

  14. These foods and mods that you made are super awesome! I loveee the new foods and etc ���� keep up the good work!! �� if you don't mind, can you make more asian food such as fried rice, more arab food, and other culture food (let say, the foods aroubd the world) �� it would be so delicious!! �� I loveeee you

  15. I am sooo thankful that you made the updates and let us know that your Mods are working now. :D I wish u all of what good Things this world has to offer! And Always take care of yourself - that is the most important Thing. :)

  16. my custom foods is not working, but custo drinks do, help :(

  17. Hi! With the Island Living update, could you add more Caribbean foods like ackee and saltfish, oildown, curry chicken/goat, bake, festival, etc. That would be great! Thank you for everything you've created so far :)


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