UPDATE   - 13.02.2022 -

- Misc Bug Fixes

- Plopsy enabled

- Added support for Dessert Jars and Bulk Crafting

UPDATE   - 22.07.2021 -

- Updated for Cottage Living



Update 10.03.21 - Bug Fix

Update 4.03.21 - Fixed the ingredient tag so that the preserves are properly counted as ingredient again
Update 21.02.21 - Fixed Cranberry Preserve Buff

New for this update -

1. 10 new Preserves - 

  • Apricot Jam
  • Banana Jam
  • Banana Chili Pickle
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Cranberry Jam
  • Cranberry Orange Relish
  • Kimchi Spread
  • White Miso Sauce
  • Soya Sauce
  • Sweet Potato Pickle

2. New bottles for the new preserves

3. New Types of Breads for the new preserves

4. Complete overhaul of the Sauce Bottles and Breads that came with version 2

5. Few older presevres were also updated - this a WIP. I will eventually update everything

1. Introduction

Idea is based on the Canning Station from Sims 3 Store

2. What does the mod do? Catalog Details

The Mod adds -

i) Canning station (To make various kinds of preserves)
Catalog Details -
Name - Canning Station
Price - 2000 Simoleons
Location - Appliances --- > Stove
Presets - 6 presets
Off the grid compatible

ii) A new 10 level custom Canning Skill

iii) Retail GTW shelves - Comes in two sizes

Catalog Details -
Name - Canning Preserve Display / Canning Preserve Display - Medium Height
Price - 200/120 Simoleons
Location - Surfaces --- > Display
- Function --- > Retail
Presets - 10 presets
Slots - 24 small + 6 medium / 16 small + 6 medium

3. Interaction on the Canning Station

i) Make Jam ( Available from Canning Skill Level 0)
--- Requires 6 harvestables
--- Makes a Jar of Jam which is then put on a surface or into the inventory by the sim.
--- Gets a special Buff (This is my Jam!)

ii) Make Pickles (Available from Canning Skill Level 3)
--- Requires 6 harvestables
--- Makes a Jar of Pickles which is then put on a surface or into the inventory by the sim.
--- Gets a special Buff (Pickled Life!)

iii) Make Spreads (Available from Canning Skill Level 6)
--- Requires 6 harvestables
--- Makes a Jar of Spread which is then put on a surface or into the inventory by the sim.
--- Gets a special Buff (Spread The Love)

iv) Make Sauce (Available from Canning Skill Level 4)
--- Requires 6 harvestables
--- Makes a Bottle of Sauce which is then put on a surface or into the inventory by the sim.
--- Gets a special Buff (Awesome sauce)

The ingredients required for making Preserves is optional. If you dont have the ingredients you will simply be charged money to make the preserve

4. Canning Skill

--- 10 Level Skill
--- 3 Skill Books available from the bookshelf :---
i) Canning Skill Vol 1: To Can or Not to Can?
ii) Canning Skill Vol 2: Cantastic Fruits and Where to Can Them
iii) Canning Skill Vol 3: If I can can, I will can!

--- Custom Skill icon
--- Custom Speech and thought bubbles
--- Skill can be gained by reading the skill books or by making Preserves
--- Different Skill levels unlock different Preserves
--- Making Preserves is a Custom Club Activity (Get Together EP)

--- Custom Canning steps

5. Table of Jams, Pickle, Spreads, Sauces

AppleJam16 ApplesThis is my Jam!
ApricotJam26 ApricotThis is my Jam!
BananaJam36 BananasGoing Bananas
BlackberryJam26 BlackberriesBe Berrilicious!
BlueberryJam26 BlueberriesBe Berrilicious!
CherryJam36 CherriesThis is my Jam!
CranberryJam36 CranberriesCranberry Cravings
ElderberryJam26 ElderberriesEclectic Elderberry!
GrapeJam56 GrapesThis is my Jam!
GuavaJam76 GuavasGreat Garrulous Guava!
HeartJam96 Heart fruitsThis is my Jam!
LemonJam66 LemonsThis is my Jam!
MangoJam56 MangoesMango Musings
PeachJam46 PeachesThis is my Jam!
PearJam46 PearsThis is my Jam!
PistachioJam76 PistachiosThis is my Jam!
PlasmaJam56 Plasma fruitsThis is my Jam!
PlumJam56 PlumsPreserved Plum!
PomegranateJam86 PomegranateThis is my Jam!
PumpkinJam36 PumpkinsPumpkin Preserves!
RaspberryJam26 RaspberriesBe Berrilicious!
StrawberryJam26 StrawberriesBe Berrilicious!
UFOJam96 UFO fruitUFO Jam
Cinnamon Apple JamJam83 Cinnamon, 3 AppleCrunchy Cinnamon
Orange JamJam56 OrangeOutrageously Orange
Papaya JamJam36 PapayaThis is my Jam!
Peppermint JamJam56 PeppermintPreppy Peppermint
Mother Fruit JamJam106 Mother Fruit JamSupreme Mother
CarrotPickle36 CarrotsPickled Life!
ChiliPickle46 Green ChiliHot N Chili
CornPickle66 CornBe A Little Corny!
CucumberPickle36 CucumberCool As Cucumber
MushroomPickle96 MushroomPickled Life!
OlivePickle46 OlivesPickled Life!
OnionPickle56 OnionsPickled Life!
ParsnipPickle76 ParsnipPickled Life!
PlantainPickle86 PlantainPickled Life!
PotatoPickle56 PotatoesPickled Life!
TomatoPickle46 TomatoesPickled Life!
MangoPickle52 Mango, 2 Onion, 2 Green ChiliMango Musings
GuavaPickle76 GuavaPickled Life!
Sweet Chili PlumPickle83 Plum, 3 Green ChiliPreserved Plum!
Black BeanPickle36 Black BeanPickled Life!
Chili PapayaPickle53 Green Chili, 3 PapayaPickled Life!
PeasPickle36 PeasPickled Life!
Sweet YamPickle46 YamPickled Life!
EggPickle66 EggPickled Eggs
Banana ChiliPickle53 Banana, 3 Green ChiliGoing Bananas
Sweet PotatoPickle46 Sweet PotatoPickled Life!
CocoaSpread66 Cocoa BeansChocolate Cravings
VanillaSpread66 Vanilla BeansSpread The Love
BasilSpread76 BasilSpread The Love
ChickPea HumusSpread86 ChickpeasSpread The Love
Chili KetchupSpread96 Green ChiliHot N Chili
GarlicSpread76 GarlicSpread The Love
HerbSpread96 ANY HerbSpread The Love
Onion CheeseSpread76 OnionSpread The Love
Smoked FishSpread104 ANY FishSomething Fishy
Spinach CreamSpread86 SpinachSpread The Love
Tomato KetchupSpread106 TomatoesLets Ketchup!
Honey spreadSpread62 HoneySinful Honey
Chamomile spreadSpread84 ChamomileSpread The Love
Salmon SpreadSpread92 Salmon, 2 OnionsSpread The Love
Pumpkin ButterSpread101 Pumpkin, 2 VanillaPumpkin Preserves!
Mango ChutneySpread92 Mango, 2 Green Chili, 2 VanillaMango Musings
Avocado SpreadSpread66 AvocadoSpread The Love
Cinnamon SpreadSpread76 CinnamonCrunchy Cinnamon
Orange MarmaladeSpread66 OrangeOutrageously Orange
Spice Mix SpreadSpread82 Black Pepper, 2 Cumin, 2 CinnamonSpice Craft
Cranberry Orange RelishSpread83 Cranberry, 3 OrangeCranberry Cravings
Kimchi SpreadSpread92 Cabbage, 2 Raddish, 2 Spring OnionKimchi Love
Caramel sauceSauce6-
Chili SauceSauce56 Green ChiliAwesome Sauce
Garlic SauceSauce46 GarlicAwesome Sauce
HolliandaseSauce7-Awesome Sauce
Lemon HoneySauce43 Lemon, 1 HoneyAwesome Sauce
MarinanaraSauce51 Tomato, 2 Onion, 3 ANY HerbAwesome Sauce
MayoniseSauce8-Awesome Sauce
MustardSauce5-Awesome Sauce
RanchSauce6-Awesome Sauce
TomatoSauce46 TomatoAwesome Sauce
BBQSauce56 ANY HerbAwesome Sauce
White MisoSauce73 Rice, 3 SoyabeanAwesome Sauce
SoyaSauce66 SoyabeanAwesome Sauce

6. Jars


--- Each Jar costs 50 - 120 simoleons. Price maybe modified according to skill level

--- Jar can be sold from Inventory/Retail Shelves/City Living Craft tables

--- Jars of preserves do not spoil

--- Jars are not found in the catalog but are searchable by the name of the preserve (If you want to grab them quickly)

Interaction on the Jars

i) Eat
--- Sim eats Jam/pickle/Spread directly from the jar with a fork
(Issue - The jar has the lid on while being eaten from. Also sometimes the empty jars shows prices. Please ignore and clean them up. No cheating and selling empty jars!)
--- Gets special moodlet
ii) Eat with Bread
--- The Jar is consumed and 6 plates of Bread with preserve appears in the inventory.
--- The plate of Bread with Jam/Pickle/spread/Sauce can be eaten as normal food
--- The plate of Bread with Jam/Pickle/spread
/Sauce is toddler compatible
--- The plate of Bread with Jam/Pickle/spread/Sauce can be packed into Lunch Sacks (Parenthood GP)
iii) Sell To Evil Corporation
--- Jar can be sold for a hefty profit
--- Sim gets Special buff

8. Custom Buffs for Preserves

This is my Jam!
Pickled Life!
Spread The Love
Awesome Sauce

Right From The Jar
Something Fishy
Hot N Chili
Cool As Cucumber
Lets Ketchup!
Be Berrilicious!
Chocolate Cravings
Be A Little Corny!
Sinful Honey
Sweetheart Jam!
Eclectic Elderberry!
Great Garrulous Guava!
Mango Musings
Preserved Plum!
Pumpkin Preserves!
Outrageously Orange
Crunchy Cinnamon
Pickled Eggs
Supreme Mother
Preppy Peppermint
Spice Craft
Going Bananas
Cranberry Cravings
Kimchi Love

Plans for Future -

1. Many Many Many more preserves

2. Flavoured Honey

3. Yogurt

4. Non Dairy Butters

5. Dips and salsa

6. Syrup

DLC Requirement :  Requires Outdoor Retreat

Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Optional File Required : See Google Info Sheet

Files to Use : Use All files in the folder

Download Patreon  

Public Release Available on 5.03.2021

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  1. thanks for this great mod because the heart jam is not showing. Do you need an update for the heart tree because in my games it appears as debog

  2. Hey icemunmun, ive been having problems. When I open the menu for the canning station and go to click on jams or whatever it is I want to make the options never pop up. Is there a way that I can fix this?

  3. Hey, how can I level up? I've been making apple for the longest but can't make anything else.
    I've read the books, but nothing had change as far as leveling up to make pickles or sauces.

  4. Love your canning mod, but I can't get it to work. When I click on the station to make anything, it does nothing. Any suggestions? I've got the newest version.

  5. I'm having an issue with leveling up. I've the books and making the apple jam but nothing is happening. Am I missing something?

  6. hi there ive tryed using this mod on the sims 4 but everytime i click the canning station my sim doesnt do the job the job doesnt even pop up its all up to date aswell

  7. Hello. Love this mod but not able to make any sauces at all.

    1. You have to get your preservation skill up before you can make any sauces. ^^

  8. I know Cottage Living isn't out yet, but during the gameplay footage; I noticed that they're introducing their own version of canning. I'm curious on if you plan on keeping this it's own separate thing, or will you combine your jams and sauces with the one in Cottage Living? Im sure someone else would ask this, but I wanted to know ahead of time.

  9. Hi Icemunmun, I've recently downloaded your wonderful mod. I got all the required files such as the harvestables, recipes, etc. For some odd reason when I go to make Raspberry Jam it shows 0/6. I checked my personal inventory and fridge, I have 26 raspberries.. is this an issue on my end or?

    1. i heard the last patch broke the mod, do you have version 2 or 3?

  10. Hi icemunmun, love all of your mods I’ve tried but I just updated sims today, along with updating mods which includes your canning station 3, when I go into sims to make sure things are working, I get a better exceptions error and mccc error that it detects something with the package file “otg”. I’m not sure what I should do as the site says to have all files in zip in mods folder, it says it’s a tuning issue with that package file and only that one so far.

    1. Nevermind, looks like it was due to another mod entirely that i thought was updated but nothing i saw mentioned it.

  11. for some reason the soya sauce doesn't appear as an option in the sauce section. it's not on the stove, sims stove or your custom made station. but i checked build and buy and the soy sauce is there

  12. Hello, I have a question about the preservatives. Are they not able to be eaten with other foods in the game? For example, can we not use the mustard sauce with a hot dog food or tomato ketchup with hamburger? If so, how do we do this? I know this option is avaliable with the deep Fryer mod foods.

  13. Hi :) thanks for making this mod. I haven't tried it, but I will after getting outdoor retreat. The thing is, does it clash with the one in cottage? I DO think that this mod is far more fun (and simpler since yours doesn't need sugar) than the one in cottage even at first glance. I know that the jars is prettier, but yours is more functional in general...

  14. I love these mods, but please, I'm so sick of my sims drinking the bbq sauce, soy sauce, etc! Is there a way to stop them doing this autonomously?? I want them to use it in cooking, not as a snack :(

  15. Hello! I am having issues with canning station. It won't let my sim do anything with it and I've read the books already. When I click on it, there's the pie menu then when I click on making something, the mc command center mod tells me that it has detected something wrong with my mod, it's either broken or not updated but I have the latest version. Hope someone can help me with this!

    1. i'm having the same issue, so you're not alone! i keep getting an error for missing animations.

  16. Very informative and wonderful blog. Grab good quality Custom Kraft Boxes at wholesale rates.

  17. Is Icemunmun here? The canning mod keeps crashing recently and it drives me nuts. I even used only the canning mod for that save and it still crashes. Weirdly, I can't recreate the crash in other saves. Maybe this is something you can fix...


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